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Winter Facial Guide

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Winter Facial Guide

Winter is almost here and that not only means it is time for colder weather, but it is time for that dry, harsh cold air that can do a real number on the skin. There are so many people who deal with dry, full and flaking skin during the winter, and it can really make an impact on your entire appearance.

Here at Heritage Aesthetics, we know just how important your skin is and how it can impact your entire look and your confidence.  This is why we have a number of professional facials that are designed specifically to help you fight back against winter weather and to keep your skin looking its healthiest. Here are a few of our top recommendations for winter time facials.


If you haven’t tried Hydrafacial yet, there is no better time to give this celeb-favorite treatment a try. Hydrafacial has been the celebrity secret to healthy, glowing skin for many stars, and it is the perfect facial for those who are combating dry, winter skin. This facial treatment is suitable for all skin types. It not only helps deep clean and resurface the skin, but it also infuses the skin with moisturizing treatments and serums that will give it a healthy, hydrated glow, no matter how bad the winter weather may get.


There are very few facial treatments that can deliver results quite like microdermabrasion. This treatment can help resurface the skin and get rid of dead cells on the surface of your skin that leave you with a dry, dull looking complexion. Microdermabrasion is effective, painless and it can be done on its own or as an add-on to another facial treatment. What many people don’t realize about this noninvasive treatment is that the winter is the perfect time to get microdermabrasion. It removes the top layer of skin and stimulates your body to increase cell turnover and produce needed collagen to help the skin stay hydrated, plump and healthy.

The best part about these facials is that they not only work great to help reveal your best skin, but we offer all of these treatments right here at Heritage. Here at Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics, we know just how much the winter weather can impact your skin and how important it is to get the right facial during this time of year. If you are interested in getting a facial that can work for you, just give us a call at 817-318-7859 to set up an appointment. Dry skin season is almost here, and Heritage Aesthetics can make sure your skin stays healthy, hydrated and glowing all winter long!