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What Type of Skin is HydraFacial For?


What Type of Skin is HydraFacial For?

The HydraFacial skin treatment is one of the most talked about facial treatments out there right now. Whether you heard about HydraFacial from a friend, medical office or from one of the many celebrities out there that love this treatment—there is no denying that this is one of the best treatments out there for getting healthy, glowing, youthful-looking skin.

However, how do you know if HydraFacial is for you and your skin type? Everyone is different and everyone has different skin types. And the great news is, HydraFacial works on many different skin types. And in order for you to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate, you need to learn a little more about what HydraFacial is, what it does and how it works.

So, What Exactly is the HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a medical-grade hydradermabrasion treatment that delivers three different skin care benefits—by cleansing the skin, then exfoliating the skin, then finally infusing the skin with intensive serums. 

So, while microdermabrasionfocuses on resurfacing the skin with a gritted refinishing disc, this approach is much gentler, and actually vacuums out pores while simultaneously pushing in the serums which are designed to moisturize, plump, brighten and protect the skin.

This is why the HydraFacial is for so many more different skin types than treatments like microdermabrasion. So, if you have sensitive skin, and are worried that microdermabrasion will be too rough for your skin, you can try this gentler approach to exfoliating your skin.

Customizing the HydraFacial

The HydraFacial is super moisturizing, which is why so many people love this facial, as everyone knows that moisturized skin is going to look more youthful. However, this doesn’t mean that the HydraFacial is only for aging or dry skin. The serums, add-ons and boosters that you add to this treatment can be customized to fit your skincare concerns, so you can get treatments that work for you.

This treatment can work with teenagers with acne or oily skin, adults with aging skin, those with sun damage, discoloration or hyperpigmentation or anyone with textured skin and large pores—andthose with lots of skin care concerns in between.

However, that doesn’t mean that every singleperson is a candidate. If you have active rashes, severe rosacea or sunburns, you may not be a candidate for the HydraFacial and should come and meet with a healthcare professional first. The good news is, we are here to help assess your skin and see if HydraFacial is right for you.

If you have questions about the HydraFacial and want to determine if this treatment is right for youand your skin type, then contact Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics today. You can call us at 817-318-7859 today to make an appointment!