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Reverse the Damage You Did to Your Skin Over the Summer

Reverse the Damage You Did to Your Skin Over the Summer

Now that the summer has officially come and gone and summer tans start to fade away, many people are finding that the summer season has left them with a great deal of skin damage. Hot temperatures lead to dehydration; sun exposure can leave rough patches on the skin and heavy lotions, products and sweat can cause clogged pores and acne. Over time, extensive summer sun damage can lead to deep wrinkles and poor skin texture, and it can take away from the look of your healthy, glowing skin. While the summer may be fun, it can do some severe damage to your skin! The good news is there are ways to reverse that damage quickly and easily with the right treatment.

While products and creams can affect the skin, when it comes to dealing with severe skin damage such as acne scars, stretch marks, and large pores, you need to do more than layer on the products. The only real way to remove this type of damage is to resurface the skin. Thanks to a number of medical advancements, skin resurfacing has now become one of the easiest, and most effective ways to reverse skin damage and to repair the surface textures and imperfections on the skin.

The idea of skin resurfacing has been around for a few years, but with new treatments such as those delivered with Venus Viva, there is much less pain, far less downtime and there are faster and more noticeable results as well. While microdermabrasion and chemical peels have been around for a while, these superficial treatments only deliver minor results and require several treatments in a row to get results. There are also laser options. However, they only work for those with fair complexions.

With Venus Viva, everyone can get noticeable results use the treatment. Results are fast and noticeable. There is no extensive downtime or healing time. Most importantly, it is proven to repair the signs of skin damage almost instantly using a safe and effective treatment.

So, how does it work?

Venus Viva uses tiny pins of heat, delivered through the skin’s surface. This creates tiny micro-dermal wounds, which are so small the body can naturally, quickly heal them on their own. The process repairs skin damage in a session that is only 15-30 minutes. Plus, you can return to your usual skin care routine 24 hours after the treatment. No downtime, and no expensive post-procedure skin care products. It is truly that simple.

Here at Heritage Family Practice and Aesthetics, we are dedicated to making sure that our customers have access to the most advanced procedures on the market today. This is why we are now proudly offering Venus Viva treatments right here in our office. If the summer sun left your skin looking dull, wrinkled, rough or uneven, call us at 817-318-7859 to set up a FREE consultation today!