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It Might Not Be Depression, It May Be Your Hormones

It Might Not Be Depression, It May Be Your Hormones

There are millions of people today who battle depression and see firsthand the devastating way it can change their lives. However, while depression is extremely common, it is also often extremely misunderstood. If you are starting to experience some of the signs of depression, it may be a traumatic life event, or it may be an imbalance of your hormones.

Many psychological disorders such as depression, actually stem from hormonal imbalances. Hormonally-triggered depression also often accompanies menopause, although there are always some exceptions. The symptoms of this major life change, stress and an imbalance of the hormones, can all contribute to depression. Many women are aware of the mood swings that come with menopause but don’t realize that depression-like symptoms may also accompany this change.

Low levels of estrogen in the body also mean low levels of serotonin. This is typically the hormone that helps people sleep but also helps the body fight off depression. Low estrogen levels are also typically tied to low GABA production, which is a hormone that helps to calm the body down and produce more endorphins—which of course, keep you happy.

Low progesterone can also come as a side effect of imbalanced estrogen levels. When the body has the right progesterone levels, it can not only help with libido but also has a natural anti-depressant effect. When cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is imbalanced it can also bring more stress, feelings of anxiety or of being “out of control.”

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may be a solution to this problem. This treatment uses hormones that depict the natural hormones produced in the body. This treatment can not only balance dropping hormone levels and slow the aging process down, but it may also be able to help those experiencing depression and depression-like symptoms as well.

BHRT has become a popular preventative treatment as it may help ward off certain medical conditions. It is also popular for women experiencing the effects of menopause and those who want to reverse the signs of aging. Along with helping women with regaining energy and a more youthful appearance, it can also help with mood swings and depression symptoms. If you have noticed that your depression symptoms began when menopausal or premenopausal symptoms started, instead of with some other major traumatic life event, then BHRT may be able to help.

With proper hormone balances, many individuals suffering from psychological disorders may finally find the reprieve that they have been looking for, without needing potentially harmful prescription medications. These hormone treatments can get to the root of the problem causing depression-like symptoms and have far fewer side effects than prescription medications. Also thanks to the personalized nature of these treatments, they can be tweaked and customized to help each individual patient get the exact solution that they need.

Every person is different, and every person’s battle with depression and depression-like symptoms is unique. Here at Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on our individualized BHRT treatments, created to help women regain their hormonal balance and regain control of their lives. Call us today at 817-318-7859 to schedule an appointment for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this unique hormonal replacement therapy.