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Is There Anything I Can Do About My Double Chin?

Is There Anything I Can Do About My Double Chin?

Everyone has insecurities when it comes to their image, and for many men and women, that insecurity is their double chin. Excess fat around the chin area or the “double chin” can develop over time and be made to look worse by loose or sagging skin. However, unlike other areas of the body, doing specific exercises to tone and tighten the chin, as you would with your arms or abs, typically isn’t a solution.

While diet, exercise and working towards maintaining a healthy weight can help, double chins can be very stubborn, and very difficult to eliminate and may have more to do with genetics than you would like. This is why Heritage has two advanced treatment options available that can help you get rid of your double chin, so you don’t have to be shy around the camera.


CoolScuplting is one of the most talked about treatments in the medical aesthetics market today because it delivers proven, noticeable results when it comes to eliminating fat. It is an FDA-approved, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that is perfect for stubborn areas like underneath the chin. It freezes the fat cells in this area and allows your body to eliminate the fat on its own over time naturally.

Treatments for underneath the chin take about 60 minutes and require no downtime so that you can get in and out and on with your day.

Here at Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics, we have been providing CoolSculpting treatments since 2013. Let one of our trained experts walk you through the process today so you can see first-hand how easy it can be to reduce unsightly fat under your chin.


Kybella is another treatment that many of our patients use to get rid of their double chin. This treatment uses synthetic deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that effectively kills fat cells. This means you can not only get rid of your double chin but can expect long-lasting results.

Our Kybella treatments take just 15 minutes, and you only need to come in once a month until you achieve the desired outcome (most people need 2-3 treatments). Kybella is a non-surgical FDA-approved treatment, designed specifically for the area under the chin, and is an excellent alternative to surgery.

Which one is best for me?

Here at Heritage, we know that every patient is unique. This is why we proudly offer both CoolSculpting and Kybella as options for those who are looking to eliminate stubborn fat under their chin. If you are looking to reduce your chin fat, call Heritage today at 817-318-7859 to schedule an appointment, and we will help guide you in determining which treatment plan will work best for you.