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Is Sofia Vergara Immortal?

Is Sofia Vergara Immortal?

When it comes to timeless beauties, very few women can compare to Sofia Vergara. The actress may be 45 years old, but she seems to be aging backward! In fact, we think she may be immortal! Well, that’s just our opinion. While we may not have proof that Sofia Vergara has in fact discovered the coveted “Fountain of Youth”, we do know that the stunning actress is serious about taking care of her skin.

Here at Heritage Aesthetics, we know that the secret to the “immortal” appearance comes with consistency and quality skin care. Want to be appear ageless like Sofia Vergara? Then you MUST be consistent with your daily skin care regimen (this includes sunscreen) and making sure to be consistent with your treatments (this includes a monthly facial, at the minimum.)

When you treat your skin properly, you can improve your skin’s texture and improve skin tone, this means you won’t need to glob on layers of makeup. You may need to find treatments that address your skin’s specific needs. This is why at Heritage Aesthetics we offer a variety of services designed to help restore the look of your skin and turn back the hands of time and we offer skin consultations to help you understand the best options for your unique skin. Here are a couple state-of-the-art facials we are currently offering that can help reverse time for your skin: 

Venus Versa

As we age, our skin’s coloring and texture can start to show more and more, causing wrinkles, discoloration and sun sports. Venus Versa™ uses FDA-approved intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy (also known as a photofacial) to gently and effectively diminish age spots, brown spots, freckles, and even tattoos!  In short, it can help you uncover age-defying Sofia Vergara skin! Learn more about Venus Versa™ and other age-defying treatments here. 


When you look at Sofia Vergara’s skin, one of the biggest things that stands out is her hydrated, healthy, radiant glow. Sofia seems to always look like she has just stepped off the beach with her youthful, dewy, sun-kissed skin. Much of this youthful look comes from having a properly hydrated face.

This is where HydraFacial® comes in. This treatment removes dead skin cells and helps the skin to properly absorb hydration. It gives your skin everything it craves to be its healthiest from Antioxidants and Peptides to Hyaluronic Acid. The result is incredibly hydrated skin that is more elastic and firm, and a more even tone with smoother texture. Learn more about the HydraFacial® and other age defying treatments here.

Schedule Your Skin Consultation!

While we still aren’t entirely convinced that Sofia Vergara isn’t immortal, we are convinced that skin care treatments from Heritage Aesthetics can help you get that youthful glow Sofia is so well known for. If you’re interested in seeing what these treatments can do for you, give us a call and set up a skin consultation! We’ll discuss your goals and the options available to you. Call us at 817-318-7859