How Demi Lovato Got Healthy and How You Can Too!

How Demi Lovato Got Healthy and How You Can Too!

Demi Lovato is one of the most inspiring celebrities in our world today especially when it comes to health and positive body image. After years of struggling with bulimia, addiction, and mental health issues, Demi made the bold choice to get help and to start embracing a healthier lifestyle. Today, Lovato is all about eating right, exercising and self-love and she isn’t afraid to embrace her imperfections. After all, just take one listen to her hit single Confidence, and you will see that this performer is not fearful of being in her own skin.

At the height of her career, Demi isn’t just delivering countless chart-topping hits and touring around the world, she is also the current face of Sketchers and has a line of workout gear with Fabletics. She is also devoting time to educate others on how they can get healthy and get in shape, using her own experiences.

According to Lovato, her healthiest habit is working out, stating it helps her both physically and mentally. Her healthy diet and exercise routine isn’t just helping her feel her best, it’s helping her embrace her body as well. According to Lovato, during her first tour, she would always perform in a leather jacket because she was afraid to show her arms. (This was also when Lovato was at one of the slenderest.) The singer says now she shows off her arms at every show and does so with confidence. Steps like this have been huge for the singer who realizes now that the most important thing about getting healthy is loving the body you’re in.

Demi isn’t just big on exercising and eating healthy, she’s all about trying new ways to work out. Recently, the performer has been trying out boxing and mixing that in with weight training. She has also worked to have a healthier relationship with food and credits drinking a ton of water with helping her feel refreshed, healthy and cleaned out.

Demi, self-admittedly found it took a while for her to figure out a balance and a routine that worked best for her and knows that getting healthy is different for everyone. No matter what your goals are, Demi Lovato is a great source of inspiration to women and men of all ages and backgrounds who need the motivation they need to work hard, be healthy and gain confidence in their own skin.

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