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5 Reasons Your Skin is Acting Up This Season

seasonal skin changes

5 Reasons Your Skin is Acting Up This Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—except for your skin. The winter season is notoriously difficult on the skin, and if your complexion is acting up this season, there may be quite a few reasons why. No one wants to deal with adult acne, dry patches or dull skin—no matter what time of year it is. So, if this sounds like you, here are a few reasons why your skin may be acting up during this time of year.

  1. Your Products Are Too Harsh- Did you gift yourself a whole new set of facial products for Christmas? Well one of the reasons that people’s skin tends to act up and get dry, red and flaky is because the products they are using are too harsh. These products can strip the natural oils from the skin. This paired with dry winter weather can really do some damage. SO instead, opt for a lightweight, gentle emollient to cleanse the skin instead of super-concentrated foaming cleansers.
  2. You Are Stressed- It is no secret that this time of year can come with a great deal of stress—and this stress can end up impacting your skin. If you have those deep pimples right before the holidays or a big event, chances are it is stress-related. So, relax and breathe—your skin will thank you.
  3. Seasonal Changes Really Wreak Havoc on the Skin- Seasonal changes (especially as we get into winter) can really do a number on your skin. It can make your skin dry and severely inflamed and it seems to make every existing issue from eczema to acne, even worse. The good news is, by increasing your moisturizers or adding a hydrating serum, you can usually even out your skin’s balance and help get these issues under control.
  4. Your Poor Diet Is to Blame- Let’s face it, this time of year is all about holiday parties, lots of eating out and plenty of sweet treats. Your diet has a major impact on your skin, so do your best to bring some balance back to what you eat. Make sure to drink plenty of water while you’re at it.
  5. You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep- When you don’t sleep enough it can really mess with your hormonal balance and cause breakouts, excess oil production and inflammation. Most people don’t get enough sleep during this time of year, so do yourself a favor and try to head to bed a little earlier each night—it can do wonders for your skin.

The good news is, while difficult skin can be a challenge, here at Heritage Aesthetics, we have proven solutions that can help you with everything from dehydrated, flaky skin, to large pores and uneven texture and everything in between. In fact, facials such as our Hydrafacial can target all major concerns such as this and help you get the flawless, glowing skin you’ve always wanted, no matter how much it is acting up.

If you have questions about your skin, and about finding the right skincare solution for you—give Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics a call at 817-318-7859, to schedule an appointment. We offer a variety of facials and skin treatments that can help restore the look of your skin.