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4 Things You Want to Know About Botox

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4 Things You Want to Know About Botox

When it comes to aesthetic procedures, there are very few treatments that are as popular or as beloved as Botox. For years, millions of men and women have been using Botox as a way to diminish the look of wrinkles and restore the look of smooth, flawless, youthful skin. If you have been considering Botox, then you may be surprised to learn there is so much more to this treatment, and there is a lot to learn about this amazing cosmetic injection.

This is why we have detailed four of the top things that you want to know about Botox, so you can be fully informed about this treatment before you ever go into your doctor’s office for Botox.

  1. There is Minimal Downtime After Botox Injections– One of the many reasons we love Botox injections so much is because there is very little downtime after your Botox injections. The first 4 hours the head needs to remain in an upright position and we also recommend not working out for 24 hours. Unlike other procedures, this is fast, easy and you don’t have to worry about long recovery periods.
  2. Botox Can Sometimes Help With Migraines– If you suffer from chronic migraines, Botox could possibly help with your headaches. When getting treated for fine lines and wrinkles, many people notice improvement in their migraines. While our office only performs Botox cosmetic treatments, headache relief is a beneficial side effect that may come along with it.
  3. Botox Lasts for Several Months– It takes Botox anywhere from 1-10 days to kick in once you have received your injection. Although, most people see their full results in the first few days. However, what is most impressive about Botox injections is how long they last. On average, your results will last for three to four months, as this is about how long it takes your body to regenerate new muscle receptors.
  4. Botox Can Help Prevent Wrinkles As Well– Many people will go to their doctor for Botox injections once they start seeing wrinkles and as a way to get rid of unwanted lines and crow’s feet. However, what many people don’t realize is that Botox can be just as effective in preventing wrinkles from happening at all. Because Botox helps minimize facial movement, people who get regular Botox treatments can prevent new or intensifying wrinkles from forming later on in life. This is why preventative Botox is such a commonly used beauty secret.

If you are interested in learning more about Botox or about setting up an appointment for your Botox injections, contact the experts at Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics. Give us a call us today at 817-318-7859 and see the unique benefits Botox can offer you!