4 Signs Your Husband Has Low T

4 Signs Your Husband Has Low T

Many times, wives somehow know their husband’s health conditions better than their husbands know themselves. We’ve all seen this happen before and know that many wives can spot an issue with her spouse from a mile away.

Have you noticed some changes in your husband’s body, mood, energy levels (fatigue), or low sex drive lately? Low T may actually be to blame. Unfortunately, low T is quite common, especially in men 60 and older. The good news is, there are a number of different testosterone treatments available today for men who have low testosterone levels and these treatments can help any man get back to feeling and acting like himself.

If you aren’t already familiar with low testosterone or low T, then here are four signs that can help you identify low testosterone:

  1. Low Sex Drive

This is perhaps the most common way that wives are able to tell their husband is having an issue with low T. Testosterone plays a key role in a man’s libido or sex drive. Some men generally experience a slight decline in their sex drive as they age. This is normal. However, when a man has low T, their sex drive will have a much more drastic drop.

  1. Difficulty Getting Erections

Testosterone not only plays a role in a man’s sex drive, but in his ability to get and maintain an erection. While testosterone isn’t the only factor in man getting an erection, it can play a role. When T levels are too low, a man may struggle to get an erection before sex or experience spontaneous erections, where that wasn’t an issue before.

  1. Hair Loss

Testosterone isn’t only about sex drive, it impacts a number of different functions, including hair production. Many men will bald as they age. This is normal. However, men with low T may also experience a loss of body hair and facial hair. If this happens, you may want to have your husband get his hormone levels checked.

  1. Changes in Mood

This is another side effect that wives may notice before their husbands do. Men with low T often struggle with extreme changes in mood. Men with low T may be more likely to struggle with depression. They may also be more irritable, tired or unable to focus. If you notice these sudden and unexplained changes in your husband, it may actually be his hormonal imbalance that is to blame.

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