When Should I Start Botox?


When Should I Start Botox?

If you are interested in Botox, as many men and women are, but have never gotten this treatment before, you may be wondering when the right time is to start this treatment. 

Do you start before you notice serious signs of aging?

Or do you wait until you have noticeable deep lines that you can treat?

What is too young for Botox?

What is too old for Botox?

Will doing it too soon be a waste?

Will doing Botox too late not work?

These are all questions that many people have regarding Botox, so how do you know when to start this treatment? Well, everyone is different when it comes to Botox, but here are a few tips and guidelines that can help you determine what time is the best time for Botox.

There are more people than ever that are starting to do what is known as preventative Botox. However, you shouldn’t just start Botox because you don’t want to have lines in the future. The best way to tell when you are ready for this type of Botox is when lines on your face start to stick around when you are at rest.

It is normal to have lines on your face when you smile, frown or make certain expressions. However, when the lines stay when your face is resting, then it can be a better time to get Botox to get rid of those small fine lines before they turn into deep creases and get more noticeable.

For some people this may happen in their mid-twenties. For others it can happen over the age of 30. Typically, most men and women don’t need Botox under the age of 25—although everyone is different.

There are more and more people getting Botox in their twenties—which wasn’t as popular even a few years ago. Of course, it depends on how your skin ages, and whether or not you have wrinkles or even sun damage. Skin tone can also impact the likelihood of someone needing Botox. For most Caucasian women, it is more common to start Botox between 35 and 40. For women with darker skin tones, the typical age is between 40 and 45. However, the skin test when resting is always your best bet in determining what time is the right time for Botox.