• Weakness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Headaches
  • Exhaustion
  • Lightheadedness


The Slim Shot is a B12/ MIC treatment, and in our opinion, the 1st step and foundation to natural weight loss, increased energy and it helps you from getting sick! This treatment’s all natural formula of liver supporting nutrients can help boost energy, increase metabolism and support your immune system. It includes powerful amino acids that help detoxify, metabolize fat cells and prevent cholesterol build up. No one likes to wake up with no spring in their step. Get your Slim Shot today by calling 817-318-7859!


What is a B12/MIC Shot? The shot is a special formula of liver supporting nutrients that can help with energy and food & fat metabolism, which are all key liver functions. It also includes Vitamin C to support immune function.


How many do you recommend? Most patient’s get one per week for the first month to help re-establish normal levels, how often after that is up to the client to continue as often as once a week or less often.


How will it help me? Often people feel increased energy immediately after the shot; sometimes they just feel better over time.  It is a stress fighter and supports vital functions of the liver that sometimes require large amounts of nutrients and can be severely depleted after years of stress and diet faults.


What is in the B12/MIC Shot? It is filled with a liquid version of liver-specific nutrients and vitamins. Including Vitamin C, B-12, methionine, choline, and inositol.


Are they natural ingredients? Yes, they are natural ingredients of the highest quality. We source our ingredients from the most natural sources possible and are extremely conscientious of quality ingredients.


How much do they cost? A single shot is $25, or you can buy 4 and get one free if you want to commit to a month of shots, which is our recommendation when you first start.


How is this different from the b-12 shots I can get elsewhere? Our Shots are high-quality ingredients, more liver supportive and formulated to be beneficial to your weight loss and health goals.


Will they work with my weight loss program? We believe that B12/MIC Shots can help make any weight loss program more effective. We feel that liver nutrient support is a key missing component to most weight loss programs.


Who is using them and what are they saying? Women and Men of all ages are using these Shots. Once you understand how important good liver function is to weight loss and detoxification, the shots make all kinds of sense. People are reporting feeling better and having more mental clarity.


Is there an oral form? Our shots are only in an injectable form to reduce the loss of potency in the digestive process.  So yes, you can ingest B vitamins, amino acids and Vitamin C orally, however, they sometimes aren’t as effective or absorbed as well by the body as the shot, plus a shot once a week is easier than remembering to take multiple pills daily.