Fractures/ Sprains

Fractures/ Sprains

Fratures/ Sprains

Fractures occur when trauma to a bone causes it to crack or break. Such injuries can happen for various reasons, including car accidents, falls, or sports-related mishaps. A fracture is considered a compound if the bone breaks through the skin. Factors like low bone density and conditions like osteoporosis, which weaken bones, can also lead to fractures. A stress fracture can occur from repetitive use, resulting in a tiny bone crack. These injuries are typically quite painful and necessitate prompt diagnosis and treatment. At Make You Well, we employ state-of-the-art X-ray technology to diagnose fractures accurately.

In Colleyville, various environmental factors, such as sports incidents, vehicular accidents, or other forms of impact, can lead to fractures or sprains. Our team at Make You Well is experienced in treating numerous fractures, adept at diagnosing the problem, and facilitating specialist orthopedic care for proper correction and healing.

Our Make You Well team is equipped to provide immediate care for fractures. We can determine if a bone is broken through X-ray diagnostics and advise on the subsequent steps. In some instances, surgical intervention may be necessary to attach pins, screws, or plates.

While less severe than fractures, Sprains are common injuries we address at Make You Well in Colleyville. A sprain occurs when ligaments within a joint are stretched or torn. It can happen in various areas, including the ankle, knee, and wrist. Severe sprains might partially or fully tear the ligaments, sometimes requiring surgical repair. Treatment for sprains typically involves rest and physical therapy to promote healing.